How Do I Read My Boyfriends Text Messages without Having His Telephone?

If you are beginning to ask yourself something like “how can I read my boyfriends text messages without having his phone?” you are definitely in a connection where there’s doubt. Contrary to what many people believe, doubt in relationships is not cause by only a single breach of trust. What causes a man to lose trust in her or his major partner are smaller cases that occur over time. Several broken promises, routines of unreliability or uncaring behaviour give one man plenty of reasons to doubt the faithfulness of their partner.

A man will not lose trust overnight. Instead, doubt grows constantly in stages. By having the ability to understand what these phases are, you get a higher possibility of finding a way to solve the issue before it causes larger damage to the relationship. That manner additionally, you can put a stop to the ongoing question in your head – How do I read my girlfriends text messages without having her phone?


When you start having a feeling of doubt, you begin to experience some uncertainty about your partner’s trustworthiness, and this induces you to think a lot. There may be a nagging doubt in your subconscious that you find difficult to blow off, or you only believe that something’s not right but you can not pinpoint what the issue is.


When open, uncertainty may cause suspicion, which is believing in something but not having any evidence. Maybe you began to understand a pattern of conduct that causes you to reduce trust, but you do not have any evidence that will empower you to make a decision. It is your trust radar that’s saying something is not correct.

Phase 3 – STRESS

Stress is the third phase of doubt. This really is when you feel uneasy or apprehensive, which is shown physically. When you need to spend lots of time by means of your partner whom you do not trust, it is quite likely that you’ll experience a fast pulse, nervousness, anger, and even disgust.

Phase 4 – PANIC

When you get to this stage of doubt, you may be too frightened to reveal weakness and susceptibility. Maybe you’ve seen repeated violations of trust, so you are beginning to distrust the other man. At this point, you may feel frightened even for your own mental wellbeing.


Due to the anxiety which you have experienced, at this point you feel that you must shield yourself. You start to put up walls involving you as well as your partner to prevent them from becoming close to you and hurting you again.

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