What To Do After a Successful People Search In The USA


Although people search services like Kiwi Searches can be used for a background check, they are not licensed consumer reporting entities. The reports generated by people search should not be used if you are to make a decision for hiring people, credit checks for loans or vetting tenants. However, this does not mean that this service is completely useless.

Kiwi Searches can be used to find long-lost relatives or family members so you can reconnect with them. They are also useful in learning something about a person you just met, like before going on a real date with that person or considering him to be your business partner.

You can also run a people search on yourself. “But what is that supposed to do for me?”, you ask. Well, for one, you can see what information will be displayed when someone else runs a people search on you. Most people search sites can help you flag information that you see as not accurate. This way, everyone who is searching for your details will only see all the accurate data on you.

“Well, there is social media. I can look up the person and know what I want to know using them.” Not entirely accurate. Yes, social media can give you information about a person, but this represents a filtered version of him. It does not paint the whole picture. Plus, most of the older generation don’t have social media so if you want information on them, you will need to use people search.


How Do You Use People Search Services?

The thing about people search is that if you put in more information about the person you are searching for, you will have a highly accurate report on that person and you will be able to find the information that you want more easily. The extra information can be in the form of a first or middle name (especially for names which are very common like Smith or Williams), state, city or the age of the person. This helps filter the information that will be on the report and you will be able to paint a more accurate picture of that person.

A recent survey found that almost half of all those who used people search sites are searching for long-lost friends and family members, former business associates and childhood sweethearts. However, you will need to be careful once you find out how to contact them or what they may be hiding from you. Here are some tips to make successful first contact with them.

Make sure that you look like you are not intruding. They should be given the chance to ignore you. The report should contain a social media profile or an email. You should first try to send a message or contact request. This grants them the opportunity to respond to your request on their own terms. It also shows them that you respect their privacy. But if there is no option to make contact electronically, you can send a letter through snail mail but you need to make the first letter short.

Avoid phone numbers if you can. Calling them can be very invasive for them, and it should only be considered if all else fails. Never show up on the address that is on the report. They might be creeped out by it. And give them time to respond to you first.

Kiwi Searches can help you with getting the information that you want to reconnect with people from your past. Just be careful what you use that information for. Learn more by visiting https://kiwisearches.com/ right now!