Self-Care for Parents Is Essential

When was the last time that you took some time for yourself away from your kids? For most parents is the answer is that it’s been a very long time. That’s because often parents are judged as bad parents or selfish parents if they try to take time for themselves or pursue any kind of hobbies or anything of their own. Parents are expected to devote all their time and energy and attention to their kids and if they take any for themselves they risk getting labeled a bad parent. But self-care is essential for parents. If parents don’t get the chance to unwind and spend some time on themselves they won’t be able to be good parents.

Safe and Happy

Parenting is tough. Parents need to be constantly vigilant and always making sure that their kids are safe and happy. And that means that they can spend hours at a time basically on high alert status to make sure that their kids are not getting into anything dangerous. And anyone who has ever spent the day with a four-year-old can tell you that keeping kids active and amused can be utterly exhausting. So parents, don’t feel bad for taking time for self-care. In fact, you should be taking more time for self-care. Each parent should get one day each week to themselves at a minimum. And that day should be your day to do whatever you want.

You might want to sleep in or go for a hike. Or pamper yourself with a new haircut and a message. You might want to go shopping or just go for a run and then binge Netflix each day. But each adult in the household needs that one day where they can relax and recharge. Because for parents that work having to work and parent can take a big toll on their mental and physical health.

If you can’t manage to squeeze out a whole day there are also little ways that you can manage to fit in some self-care during the week. Some great ways to find time for self-care that will renew you mentally and physically are:

Exercise Daily

Exercise is so important and most adults just don’t do enough of it. You can join a gym or take a yoga class or even just walk around the block after dinner. But getting out of the house for regular exercise is definitely essential self-care. Exercise will help you lower your stress levels and sleep better at night too.

Eat Healthily

You won’t be able to be a good parent, spouse, employee, or anything else if you are not healthy. Eating a balanced and healthy diet will help you deal with stress, stay at a healthy weight, and give your body the nutrition it needs to deal with your busy life.  Choosing to eat healthy meals instead of eating fast food or picking at unhealthy food all day is one way that you choose to take care of yourself every day.

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