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Most Common Social Apps Used by Teens

Social networking continues to evolve. This means people who use it regularly likely have different options they use for different purposes. Teens are likely the largest group of individuals using social media apps.  While this may not seem like such a big surprise to some, parents need to pay attention to social apps their teen uses.  Teens are known to do inappropriate things when logged on.  Parents having an idea of most popular apps used by teens can help them stay ahead of the game.

More parents are looking for ways to stay connected to their teen, especially when living a busy schedule.  Few teens may not be as open about their social media interests.  In this case, parents can have insight on what teens do and look for ways to ensure their own child is using the platform responsibly. Here is a list of common apps used by teens parents should be aware of.

Twitter. Teens use this for news and to share information among friends.  It is a cool way to stay connected with others including family, friends and even their favorite celebrities.  Teens have no problem following the limited character count necessary to engage in communication.  It is convenient and fast while being easily accessible on amobile device such as a cell phone.  It is easy to share data such as videos and pictures.

Vine. This is considered a competitor of Instagram.  Teens using this app can share data in real time such as videos and photos.  This app lets users edit content such as videos.  Some say those with short attention spans benefit from the app.  You can look at a variety of content that is short and to the point.

Pheed. This app is new but rising in popularity among teens and young adults.  Many use this app to express personal feelings.  Photos and videos can be shared with ease.  It offers similar elements like other social media websites.  Many artists and musical talents use this app to promote their content.  This aspect alone is likely the reason why many young people like this app.

Instagram. This is like a mobile version of Facebook when it comes to photos.  Many teens like this app since it is easy to share photos and videos.  A number of high profile celebs use this platform to share personal insight to their fan base.  You can find out which pictures are most popular and learn about popular hashtags trending.

Snap chat. This is a private messaging app that is popular among young users.  A unique feature of this app includes deletion of videos and pictures shortly after it is viewed to the person it was sent to.  It is like having a form of self-destruction at the same time.  There have been issues with teens doing inappropriate content such as sexting and having such details saved via screenshots. In this case there seems to be some privacy issues that should be worked out.

Whatsapp.  This app is considered to be a competitor of Facebook.  This app makes it possible to send text messages to others or in groups. This was free at one point but when it reached over 300 million users in recent years users pay 99 cents.

Tips for Parents on How to Keep an Eye on their Teen

Parents can stay on top of their child’s social media connections by learning their interests.  Get password information and learn to review their activity when using certain apps to ensure they are being safe and responsible with their use.

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